Welcome to SukkotKC!

Do you love Banquets and Celebrations? We do too! Welcome to the Feast of Tabernacles… SUKKOT! The 8-day rehearsal of the future celebration of the marriage supper of the Lamb! It’s the climax to the biblical year on the Creator’s Calendar! It’s the culmination of the betrothal between the Lamb of God and His Bride! It’s for everyone!
At this time of celebration we live in ‘temporary dwelling’ places (Sukkah, in Hebrew, which means tents) to remember, historically, the Journey of the Israelites in the wilderness and the amazing ways that the Lord provided for them! Prophetically, The Feast of Tabernacles, Sukkot causes us to look forward to what it will be like to celebrate our covenant relationship with Him at the wedding banquet.

Each year as we assemble to rehearse the Wedding Feast of the Lamb at this wonderful celebratory feast, and especially as the days become darker leading to the time of Jacobs trouble, the great tribulation, may we who follow Yeshua (Jesus, the Messiah) always be left with greater faith, hope and depths of longing for his return! Assembling together to encourage each other, to express our love for him, and mostly to give and receive an impartation of hope, and trusting that he will gather us from the four corners of the earth for the wedding Feast!

Here are some of the wonderful Highlights of Events and learning opportunities we are planning for SukkotKC 2015:

Day 1: Welcome to Sukkot Rally –This is going to be a really exciting first night of Sukkot social, with a focus on celebrating Yeshua our Messiah, and Launching this year’s Sukkot Celebration. Be sure to arrive the first day so you can attend this exciting night! Here you can offer your friendship as you meet and welcome new friends! Everyone is encouraged to bring their favorite Dessert to share on the Dessert Buffet! 

We will be focusing on a theme of Relationship Restoration at SukkotKC 2015!  We are honored to have Cole Davis from “On that Day Ministries” heard on Hebrew Nation Radio,  joining Alan and Valerie Lee to teach important end times preparation–Not Physical Preparation– we will be going into an area close to our Father’s heart, and that is the preparation of a Bride who is pure and without blemish.  We need to get our hearts and souls clean, and get our relationships in order!  YHVH has downloaded a great deal into these teachers, and has placed a strong mandate to get his people emotionally ready for the end times.  Ladies, get ready for “Bridal Bootcamp” with Cole Davis and Valerie Lee, and Men prepare yourselves for “Lion Leadership” with Cole Davis and Alan Lee.  It’s going to be intense freedom training and will change your walk and your relationships!


Teen Activities all week Long!–Awesome INTENSE Teen activities are being planned by Dallas Bouchard with a Focus on lighting a fire in the hearts of the next generation to connect to the heart of the Father, and get fired up, ready to take the message of redemption and salvation to the world!  Dallas leads a group of young men in Bible study in Kansas City, and they regularly evangelize in the city.  Teens, get ready to get fired up at SukkotKC 2015!  Cole Davis will join the youth one day too!

Children’s Activities–We are happy to announce that Gabriel Bartlett of 3000 in the Gap ministry will be our Children’s Director this year!  Gabriel and his lovely bride Mikayla have an important calling from the Father to end abortion, and they also have big hearts for children!  Gabriel is an excellent teacher, and will make learning the Hebrew Alef Bet fun!  Gabriel also has a SOLID understanding of scripture and will surely make the TORAH come to life for your children, while imparting a love for Yeshua!.

Breakout Session Classes – Be sure to attend these classes, We have some really gifted teachers lined up to take you deeper in understanding Biblical truths!

Formal Night– This evening is sure to become a SukkotKC tradition, until Yeshua returns! Plan on dressing up in your best, Gent’s bring a nice dress shirt and tie, or a suit…and Ladies, something pretty you would wear to a wedding! Even the children and Teens are invited to dress up and participate in a processional dance presentation which they will learn during children’s program! Come enjoy this WONDERFUL Formal WEDDING REHEARSAL DINNER together, and Celebrate Yeshua the Lamb who is soon to return as the BRIDEGROOM KING! This is one event you won’t want to miss, be sure to sign up during your registration process to attend!
There will also be an opportunity during the Formal night to give, please bring your offering to help financially with the Sukkot expenses and extended ministry efforts.

Yeshua told His servants to go out into the highways and byways to invite as many to the banquet that would come! The Bride and the Lamb are saying come. We are inviting you to come!

SUKKOT KC at Lake Paradise Resort, we can’t wait to CELEBRATE this wonderful FEAST OF THE LORD with you!

Chag Sameach (Happy Feasting!)