Important Message

We all enjoy sharing and encouraging each other in the wonderful ways of our Father YHVH, IN LOVE at the Feasts. We encourage everyone to build each other up by sharing what they have been taught by the Father, knowledge and understanding of Hebrew language, the Torah (instructions), and wonderful things in scripture which reveal the greatness of our Creator/Father/Messiah. Many people new to the study of Hebraics and the Torah are coming to the understanding of, and participating in the Feasts of the Lord for the first time. All through the body of Messiah, the Holy Spirit is moving, teaching, and revealing great truths to the end-times followers of Yeshua.
We are each one at a different place in this wonderful journey, So, let’s all keep our sharing in alignment with the Joyous atmosphere of Sukkot, the Wedding Feast Rehearsal. Midrash (group discussion) is a great forum to discuss the topics on your mind and in your heart. Midrash is scheduled each evening after the main teaching at Sukkot, so please come and enjoy stimulating discussions with fellow believers!



Sukkot is a time of Celebration!  We are anticipating the Holy Spirit Leading in all areas, including prayer, worship, signs, wonders and miracles, inner healing, restoration of our Father’s feasts, Torah Instructions, and growing in Love for each other! Let’s all stay in an attitude of celebration together! We are aware of the developing current events, and that many events will be unfolding leading up to and during Yom Teruah, (Day of Trumpets) Yom Kippur (Day of Atonements) and Tabernacles (Sukkot) Since these are pressing current events, Alan will lead discussions with sensitivity in a setting which will build up faith in YHVH and his strength to lead us through the days ahead.


Thank you, we love you, and we are excited to celebrate, learn and grow with each one of you at this year’s SukkotKC!